Every day, 16 million kids may go to school hungry. Even though they qualify, less than half of these students take part in school breakfast programs. Join us in helping change that.

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Hungry To Learn

When kids don’t get a healthy breakfast, it can make things challenging. Especially school. Together we can help bring breakfast to more classrooms, because no kid should have to tackle math class on an empty stomach.

Watch below to see the impact breakfast programs have on schools across the country.

The Truth About Hunger

Get the facts about child hunger and breakfast in the classroom.

  1. 3 out of 4 teachers say their
    students come to school hungry.
  2. Lack of food impairs kids’ ability
    to concentrate, which may
    contribute to poor performance in
    the classroom.
  3. As little as $1 can provide up
    to 10 meals.
  4. Breakfast in school can foster a
    sense of community in the