• Help give students the breakfast they need

    Hunger is a shadow hanging over too many kids. But together we can shine a light and diminish its effects. Join us in helping give kids something they can count on each morning:
    a complete breakfast and a better start.

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  • 1% of sales
    support school breakfast programs

    For every specially marked Kellogg’s product you buy, we’ll donate to the expansion of school breakfast programs, helping give hungry kids a fuller tomorrow. 

At Kellogg’s, we believe every kid deserves the benefits of breakfast. That’s why we’re striving to make breakfast in the classroom a reality in more schools nationwide.






My engine needs a better ignition.


We’re proud to support the creation and development of alternative school breakfast programs.

In 2017, when you buy a specially marked box of Kellogg’s cereal, we’ll donate 1% of sales based on Nielsen average retail price to our partners at No Kid Hungry. Because for students everywhere, a brighter future starts at breakfast.

It feels like there's a monster in my belly.
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Join us in making breakfast happen every day, everywhere.